We invite you to join the international CollaboVentures business network. Currently, four types of memberships are introduced as seen below.


Basic Membership is free and it is automatically given to all WOTRA Focus - eNews business subscribers.


Green Membership is given automatically to our clients and buyers when they purchase any of WOTRA services and/or products.


Silver membership is awarded to our clients and buyers when the amount of orders for WOTRA services on an annual basis exceeds specific amount.


Gold membership is associated with the advance purchase of WOTRA consulting hours or amount of regular orders exceeds specific amount.

All members benefits from the access to the professional content and literature available to the members only, however the access level depends on the type of membership. 

  • access to professional articles published on the pages of the portal  WOTRA Focus – Development Navigator, which include professional contributions of Slovenian and foreign authors; specific content will be accessible only to members of the CollaboVentures platform;
  • access to the WOTRA Library – currently the online library catalogue is under preparation, which includes a rich collection of world-class professional business literature, built from our own resources over several years.

For more details please contact us. We invite you to regularly monitor the news by visiting this website and subscribing to WOTRA Focus – eNews.

Transition or an upgrade from the basic to the more advanced form of membership is possible based on a request of an individual member.

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