We invite you to join the international CollaboVentures business network. Currently, four types of business memberships are introduced as seen below.


By subscribing to CollaboVentures eNews, you can become a Basic business CollaboVentures member. Basic business membership is free.


Green business membership is given automatically to our business clients and buyers when they purchase any of our services and/or products.


Silver business membership is awarded to our business clients and buyers when the amount of orders for our services on an annual basis exceeds specific amount.


Gold business membership is associated with the advance purchase of our consulting hours or amount of regular orders exceeds specific amount.

For more details about membership levels and benefits within the individual level please contact us. We invite you to regularly monitor the news by visiting this website as well as our online business portal Development Navigator.

By signing up for CollaboVentures eNews, you can also become a basic business CollaboVentures member for free and thereby obtain basic membership benefits. After you sign up for eNews, we will ask you for basic information about your company, which will be the basis for obtaining a basic business CollaboVentures membership.

A transition or upgrade from a basic to a more advanced form of membership is possible in accordance with the rules of each type of membership.