We invite you to join the international CollaboVentures platform. Currently you can choose between the following types of membership:

  • basic membership is for organizations, companies and individual entrepreneurs, who want cheaper access to our own and our partners' services and other benefits that are related to membership;
  • individual membership is designed for individuals;
  • student membership is open to students with a valid student status.

In the coming months we will gradually offer additional services and tools. Consequently, we will add new types of membership. Transition or an upgrade from the simple to the more advanced form of membership will be possible.

Individual types of membership and the review of services and benefits under each type of membership are shown in the table below.


  • one-year membership   
  • 12 consulting hours   
    12 consulting hours, linked to WOTRA advisory areas, via Skype or other online call tools (valid for basic membership)
  • 1 consulting hour   
    1 hour of advice is offered in the preparation of a CV or preparing job offers (valid for an individual and student membership)
  • 3 queries from the Seldon.Basis   
    Seldon.Basis contains all Russian companies with detailed information about the management and the owners, financial indicators, etc. Information in the database is an invaluable resource for all those who are looking for partners in Russia.
  • publication of an advertisement   
    publication of one advertisement in the WOTRA Focus - eNews or one-month publication on the portal WOTRA Focus - Development Navigator, in one pre-selected available language; members receive instructions for preparing the ad by entering the membership
  • membership Jobs Exchange   
    membership Jobs Exchange - jobs exchange of offers and demands among the members of the platform, including with the dissemination of CV or jobs offers and demands to the CollaboVentures members
  • access to additional content   
    one-year access to advanced additional content on the portal WOTRA Focus - Development Navigator from the day when the access to the advanced content will be enabled in the portal
  • discounts on services and products   
    additional discounts for WOTRA and/or partner services and products, which will be published during the validity period of discount for each service or product
  • other benefits   
    members will be updated on other benefits on a regular basis
  • 75,00
  • 50,00


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You are invited to become a member of the international CollaboVentures platform.


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