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Endless Opportunities

We create conditions for the exchange of information, knowledge and opportunities, links between unconnected, and develop collective power and intelligence.

Business Support

Together with our partners we develop business tools and provide business support at all stages of your company, product or service development.

Multi- & Cross-

We are a multidisciplinary and multisectoral platform and accelerator, which supports multidisciplinary and multisectoral collaborative business models.

Global Reach

We encourage international partnership and collaboration, and develop international traditional and digital sales channels.

Become a member of CollaboVentures platform

We invite everyone who would like to be actively involved in business partnerships with a view to develop joint products, enter foreign markets, develop marketing and sales channels, participate in international projects and last but not least to share knowledge and experience.

You can be an individual with ideas and talent, you can be a student who is looking for challenges in practice, you may represent a company or organization of any size and from any sector that wants to erase its boundaries with the outside world and wants to be open to new opportunities, connections and knowledge. You may, of course, just be someone who needs classic advisory services.

  • favorable prices
  • group consultations
  • access to professional content

New Members

Join Us

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You are invited to become a member of the international CollaboVentures platform.


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